The Decent from the Cross

The 15th century painting known as The Descent from the Cross (or Deposition of Christ) by the Flemish painter Roger van der Weyden depicts the crucified Christ being lowered from the cross. It is the earliest painting that can be safely attributed to Van der Weyden.
Dendrochronological (oak tree panel) analysis dates it to around 1435. It is also the artist's
greatest work. A masterpiece of Flemish Christian art, it may have been designed as the
central panel for an altarpiece, whose wings are now lost, installed in the chapel of the Great
Crossbowmen's Guild of Louvain. The donor (the Crossbowman’s Guild) is identified by the two small crossbows in the lower spandrels of the tracery in the picture. It remains one of the most influential works of the early Netherlandish Renaissance (c.1430-1580).

This archival quality giclee is framed with a gold trimmed black moulding and glazed with UV blocking Reflection Control Acrylic.


Outside dimensions are 33.875 x 27 inches   



Decent 1.jpg