Art Advisor

Welcome to the Parkville Frame Gallery’s free “Art Advisor Service”. We know that the world of art, and framing, can be confusing, maybe even overwhelming at times. We have resources to help you organize your thoughts about art and framing. We will also provide you with references and resource materials that will enable you to conduct your own research. The outcome will be that you will be better equipped to make informed choices, and to avail yourself of high-quality, beautifully framed art that you will enjoy having in your home, office or business. We begin by providing you with two resources.

  • The first resource is an assemblage of documents that we call our “Series Documents”. The Series Documents provide you with examples of a specific genre, or style of art. For example, The Marine Art Series shows images with a nautical or marine theme (Calm Seas & The Blue Boat). The Impressionists Series provides examples of images created by the impressionist painters. Mary Cassatt’s Child in a Straw Hat, is one example. An expanded grouping of the various Series Documents is available to you in the form of a 3-ring binder located in our gallery. We encourage you to visit us in the gallery and take advantage of the information in this binder. You can also borrow a copy of this handy binder to study at home if you like. The most complete grouping of the various Series Documents is available on our website under the “Art Advisor tab”, or on our available Art Advisor flash drive.

  • The second resource is a multi-page document titled “Resources”. This document provides you with a variety of resources to help you to gather more ideas and useful information about art and framing. Resources include website addresses, virtual tours of leading museums (The Getty, the Louvre, etc.), materials for homeschoolers including lesson plans, business listings, sources for art courses, books, etc.

Maybe you are not interested in doing, or don’t have the time to conduct your own research.  Maybe you just have a singular question. For example: one customer brought us a reproduction of a painting of an important historical naval battle at sea. The customer wanted to know who the artist was that created the original painting. We were able to quickly determine the artists’ name, and background information about the painting, which we provided to the customer within two days. Another customer simply wanted some examples of paintings with a winter theme. We provided that customer with a copy of our complete Winter Series Document along with the name and contact information of a local artist who paints beautiful winter scenes.

Hopefully our Series Documents, our listing of Resources, and our in-house knowledge, coupled with many years of experience, will make your art purchases and framing experiences a most enjoyable and enriching experience.

Final note: If you have questions about anything related to art or framing, or if you would like a little help navigating the many available (and sometimes confusing) resources, you are encouraged to contact The Art Advisor by email: The Art Advisor Service is a free service that we provide to our valued customers. Let us assist you.